Every little bit counts when it comes to caring for our planet, so we are constantly trying to find ways to improve our processes and manufacturing to become more sustainable.

Ethical Craftsmanship

F+H is working with craftsman audited by the Global Responsible Jewellery council to ensure that the materials, supply chains and methods used to create our jewellery are ethically focused with safe and fair work environments, while still maintaining our luxury jewellery quality.

Our pink corundum and peridot gemstones are also lab-grown for improved sustainability. As we work towards a more ethical approach to our manufacturing we will continue to introduce more lab-grown gemstones as they have lighter impact on our environment, while still maintaining a premium quality, with gemstones that are physically identical to their earth-mined equivalent. 

Our jewellery is also created in small batches, so that we can avoid over-supply of product to help ensure we are not wasting valuable resources. 

Our care guide, thank you cards and head office documents are printed on 100% recycled paper. Our customised tissue paper and stickers are printed with soy ink, on acid free paper from FSC approved sustainable sources.


Our head office and boutique are located at the Habitat Precinct in Byron Bay, which uses solar power for all stores and offices. We have also used all LED lighting and eco-paint by Bauwerk for our shopfit construction. 



We are working with the SHIFT Project in Byron Bay to donate past collection stock to women transitioning from homelessness to independence. A small item like a piece of jewellery can help women feel more confident when attending job or government interviews, and this also helps us to make sure every piece of jewellery we make finds a good home. 

We also make regular donations to The Shift Project through the sale of our custom earrings created in celebration of International Women's Day.


We are constantly working to make improvements, so keep an eye on this page for regular updates.