Volt Bracelet - Peridot

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Featuring a large cut of square faceted peridot gemstone and asymmetrical curb chains, our Volt Bracelet is the perfect blend of classic styling with a fresh, modern twist.  

The lab-grown peridot at the heart of our new Electric collection is chemically and physically identical to its land-mined equivalent, yet it is a significantly more sustainable and ethical alternative. 

About F+H:

F+H is a jewellery and accessories brand based in Byron Bay, Australia, creating unique designs inspired by music subcultures and industrial hardware references. Representing a balance between femme and homme, F+H balances glamour with a modern minimal aesthetic to create strong styling pieces with androgynous appeal. All F+H  jewellery is handcrafted to a premium jewellery standard, using micron thick plating, unique stones and freshwater pearls to embellish the designs.

Ethical Craftsmanship

F+H is working with craftsman audited by the Global Responsible Jewellery council to ensure that the materials, supply chains and methods used to create our jewellery are ethically focused with safe and fair work environments, while still maintaining our luxury jewellery quality.



  • Solid brass base metal.
  • 18k gold plating.
  • Lab grown peridot gemstones. 
  • Nickel free.
  • Made by craftsmen certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.
  • All items are original jewellery designs by F+H Jewellery, Australia.

SIZE: One size 

  • Total length 200mm


Delivered in F+H Jewellery custom black gift boxes. 

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