April 03, 2017

Some people just get 'it'.
They've got an eye for styling, can pick a new it-girl face in a crowd, they can capture a moment on film that looks so effortlessly-cool and they do all this by the age of 21.
Yep, we are talking about our favourite little Aussie, Brydie Mack, the stylist, photographer, creative director and loveable go-getter that is responsible for some of our favourite film moments and some of your most viral Tumblr images. 
Did we also mention she is an actress? 


Brides, B.Mack, Mackdaddy


Where do you call home?

Maroubra Beach as of 2012, it’s like Bondi’s cool younger brother who hasn’t hit puberty yet, but you can see he’s got a whole lotta potential. Before that it was Adelaide for 19 years.


My personal style in three words is

Anja, Rubik, wannabe



The one piece of clothing you own that defines your style, and where did you buy it?

Probably my All Saints suede leather jacket…it’s got these braided details so it’s the perfect balance between bohemian & androgynous.



My dream wardrobe would include…

Isabel Marant errythang.


The perfect song to get dressed to on a Friday night…

Oh my god last night I got ready to the sweet serenades of Eminem & I honestly left the house feeling untouchable. Highly recommended.


My favourite store for a quick shopping fix…

I recently discovered Vestiaire Collective…it’s effing dangerous. Second-hand designer pieces for insane prices. And it’s good shit too, not 10 year old Gucci kitten heels. I had to delete the app on my phone cos I went ham & forgot that paying rent was kinda a necessity.


Right now I am inspired by

Recently have started obsessing over interiors, abstract art & more so spaces rather than my usual obsessions: models/photography…these accounts are some favs:







The best advice I have ever received was

Another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own.


I want to have dinner with

Jake Gylenhall…because he’s Jake Gylenhall.


I am looking forward to… 

Lot’s of travelling lined up for 2017, to placed I’ve never been before, so feeling excited & grateful for what’s to come.


 My must-have F+H Jewellery piece…

My gawd, don’t make me choose. Okay fine.



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