A Lesson in Layering

Layering is all about customisation and creating a look that is uniquely your own.

F+H owner and designer, Sharona Harris, gives a lesson on layering so that you can create your own bespoke combinations.

"It's really important to have fun with layering, and to add a little bit of your own personality into your style. The less your over-think it the better" Sharona Harris



- Make it unique: It’s all about creating a unique look with your earrings. So try mixing hoops with studs, charms and gemstones to ensure your layering is creative.

- Size matters: layering looks best if you have a slight graduation in sizing from the largest at the front of you lobe to the smallest further up your ear, so that your stack looks perfectly layered.


- Complimentary tones: Mixing gemstones and materials is great, but to make it look more polished keep within complimentary tones. Pearls and topaz look great, as does neutral gemstones such as Tiger’s Eye and Smokey Quartz. 

- Asymmetrical piercings: Just as asymmetrical earrings are on trend, try asymmetrical piercings, such as 3 in one lobe and 2 in the other. 


- Minimalist layering: If you prefer minimal styling you can still enjoy creative layering, instead of using gemstones or charms to create a point of difference, focus on simple hoops with varying types of texture and hammering.



- Don’t over think it: Necklace layering should look effortless, and sometimes this is best achieved when you don’t over think it! Don't be afraid if it looks a little bit messy.

- Chain game: Mixing different types of chains is key to a cool layered necklace look, think belcher chains, cuban chains or square link chains.

-Variety: Make sure your necklace collection has a variety of styles so you can play with your look, choker chains and lariats are great to add to your styling.

- Thick and thin: Chunky statement necklaces are back this season, but you can still wear them with finer pieces to create a bold layering look.

- Adornments: Chains shouldn’t be plain, this season is all about gemstones, coins and charms to add a creative edge to your necklace layering.





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